Accommodating Faculty Members With Disabilities

This is a resources follow up on our discussion about potentially developing MLA guidelines for accommodating faculty with disabilities (as you may recall, we discussed something along the lines of the “Disability and Hiring: Guidelines for Departmental Search Committees“). We took our survey idea off the table in order to focus on doing some research into what was already out there.

So with the kind help of Stephanie Kerschbaum and our staff liaison Karin Bagnall, I’ve compiled the following list of resources:

Faculty Members, Accommodation, and Access in Higher Education,” Profession.  
A cluster of essays in response to the AAUP report.  

AHEAD An international, multicultural organization of professionals committed to full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities. (Does seem to be focused on students, but has some faculty info.)

DO-IT Center A project of the University of Washington which promotes success in academics and careers for individuals with disabilities, sponsors programs on assistive technology and provides professional development for educators and administrators.

Disabled-Faculty Discussion Group The DISABLED-FACULTY discussion is an email group that allows hundreds of higher education faculty members in more than 20 nations to share information on the experience and social and legal context of being a disabled university level instructor and/or researcher.

Kerschbaum, Stephanie.  “Access in the Academy.” Academe. September/October 2012.

Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education Conference Repository A collection of abstracts and some papers from the recent conference in Delaware.

And here is a copy of the AAUP report: Accomodating-faculty-with-Disabilities AAUP

by Elizabeth J. Donaldson

New Material (August 2015):

The 4Cs has a Committee on Disability Issues in the College Classroom (CDICC), and a policy statement on disability:

Also, here is Christian Flaugh’s spreadsheet on accessibility language (it notes which colleges have DS centers, and provides links to accessibility language and policies for individual institutions):

AAU Member Institutions Accessibility Language for Faculty RLL 2015-03-04